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7 simple ways to introduce beauty in your salon

Tips and tricks for salons who move their make up

Fashion, hair, skin care and beauty are the top contenders for women in everyday life. It is what to wear, how to style my hair and what looks are going to fit today’s look.

But today’s problem is, how can hairdressers utilise their time with a client to upsell their beauty products?

Well, we have our top tips for you to make makeup sell:

1.  Utilise the time with your client while putting on their colour.

On average the application of a tint or colour can be between 10-20 minutes per customer. Use this time to incorporate this season’s latest colours when the client is talking about an upcoming event, and recommend some of the products you have in the salon. Channel the conversation through 4 easy questions:

  • Where are you going?
  • What are you wearing?
  • How are you doing your hair?
  • Is there a particular lipstick or eyeshadow you are going for to compliment your look?

Make the client contemplate their overall look. Give them the opportunity for trial and error and can also spark interest in other products.

2.  Wear the products you have.

Working in the beauty industry your clients and newcomers are always assessing your general appearance. The way you present yourself is a DEAL BREAKER.

With your tester collection, apply the latest products, by showcasing this seasons colours through an eyeshadow, lip colour or nail polish you are sure to attract the attention and compliments from your client.

Brilliance Nail polish Bordeaux

For example, simply delving into La Biosthetiques new Autumn/Winter range gives you and your client many options for consideration. Wearing this seasons newest purple plum nail polish will sure attract the interest of your client. It’s something they simply cannot resist.

3.  Put make up within reach

Product positioning is an integral part of marketing. If you want to sell, you have to show. Your makeup and beauty stand must be front and centre, selecting a position that is easily accessible when the client enters the salon, is waiting for their colour/treatment to process and when they are leaving the salon is integral in attracting their attention.

Do not underestimate the clients wandering eye. They are not only surveilling you, but they are surveying their surroundings and what is available to read and interact with.

If your makeup stand is detachable and can spread its wings, the bigger the better.

4.  Let clients experiment

If there is no tester available the client is reluctant to consider the product. Having the options of various beauty testers, brushes, facial wipes etc create the opportunity for the consumer to test what they are interested in.

Take the product to the client for them to look and test. Generate interest.

5. Keep it clean, keep them keen

Makeup and skin care are always presented in a simple and clean fashion. Whether it be in packaging or testers in the store, presentation of the product is a crucial factor in upselling to the target market. If your makeup and skin care stand is a mess or appears to be a dusty from the lack of interaction it has had, CLEAN IT. Once the customer can tell another has rummaged through or it has been left untouched, this becomes a major deterrent.

HYGIENE is key in beauty. If your presentation does not appear to be hygienic, not only will you lose a potential sale. But you run the risk of losing a client, no one wants to have their hair or makeup finished by a company who lack hygiene. EW.

Make sure all makeup brushes are clean, palates are fixed, reorganised and replaced, all lipsticks must be cleaned etc. And always supply makeup wipes, tissues and tester brushes for the ease of the clients use.

6. Make them a deal

Word of mouth can only spread so far, interactions can only do so much. But what can be done behind the scenes?

Salons can miss the mark with marketing and promotions.

People in this world are suckers for a discount. In many instances, upselling can begin with a discount. It seems that many consumers have a fine attention to detail when spotting the % symbol in stores.

Running a package such as “with every in-salon treatment you can receive 15% off all makeup and beauty products”, “buy two and receive the next free” and “buy one get one-half price”.

Generate attention and interest, know your audience.

Out with the old and in with the new.

Know your customer. Know what they like, and what they wear and make them fall in love with the products you are selling and are wearing.

Suggest a replacement for a beauty product they are wearing/using, with an in-salon product can be a thorough way in upselling. Explain the short term and long term benefits.

For example, this can be done through the sale of foundation and powder, asking the client if they are happy with what they are using or if they’re wanting to find a product that may not be as heavy. Trigger them to contemplate and consider a product that may be more beneficial for their age, skin type and overall use.

Often with foundation, consumers tend to go for a product that is heavy to gain coverage, recommend La Biosthetique’s Teint Naturel  for a lite and silky anti-aging and flawless complexion.

It can trigger a change in the view of the products they are using, the way their skin handles and absorbs the product and general look of their skin.

Looking ageless SELLS.

7. Pretty up your social

Salons have two types of clients. The old school, who like gathering their news from tangible forms of media, i.e magazines and brochures. While the newcomer, online tech savvy who loves checking out the newest and latest trends all over the internet. One of the most basic ways to attract consumer attention is the way you market your products. HELLO OBVIOUSLY.

By marketing the products you are wanting to push to your clients, utilise all forms of social media networking your company is using. This way by promoting the product online allows the consumer to look and share. The online world has the potential to reach thousands of people, so why not attract your clientele along with others in the cyber world? For those who are not on the world wide web and prefer a more traditional means of communication, ask your supplier for a range of brochures, posters and charts that can help your consumer understand what the product is, how it works and some of the do’s and don’ts.

Utilise flatlays that fit the latest trends, with this seasons make up trend or different makeup looks.

Fashion Week Face

Sell the product, make it known to the world. Tell them and show them why it is the best and will fit perfect for them and let them find out for themselves.

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