Beauty or Beast?

The Annual Silver Party Gala Night

This Friday, down in the private mansion in Elizabeth Bay, the annual Silver Party went complete fantasy in its opulent masquerade ball, dubbed “Beauty or Beast”.

As the hair sponsor, along side fellow event sponsors Rolex, Ferrari, and Christian Dior, we welcomed celebrity guests to a wonderland of mystical beauties and beasts.

The hair team, led by Maria Ardino of Ardino salon, created 10 unique looks ranging from flower topped nymphs to jewel encrusted silver beings. Maria told us,

Creating the looks for this extravaganza event was truly a hairstylists dream ! The theatrical headpieces I got to work with gave me total creative freedom to build these ethereal characters. Seeing them create a magical world in the boomerang house was truly spectacular! “

The annual Silver Party raises funds for the Sydney Children’s Hospital in order to buy new state of the art medical equipment. La Biosthétique is proud to sponsor such a prestigious event and looks forward to seeing the funds work towards improving the lives of Australian children.


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