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Because I’m a Woman

MSF pushing to change the lives of women who are forcibly displaced

More women and girls than ever before are currently forcibly displaced – at last count an estimated 32 million worldwide. Some are still on the move?

Women worldwide are needing access to contraception, a safe and secure place to deliver their baby, support in the wake of sexual violence or care for their own children. These women are no different to any other around the world.

But because they are being displaced, these women are exposed to heighten medical challenges as a result of their gender.

Medecins Sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders have reacted to the up scaling numbers of displaced women. MSF have taken action to meet them on their trek in places such as Tanzania, Bangladesh Greece and many others.

Displaced women are in urgent need of care in five key areas: obstetric care, family planning, safe abortion care, sexual violence care and mental healthcare.

MSF are working hard to aid these struggling women, to enable them to have the chance to navigate their health as they search for safety.

Colour with Care is working hard to produce emergency nutrition packs to send to these countries and raise funds to donate to MSF to raise awareness for the cause and further extend their medical treatment to populated areas.

Next time you’re having a colour ask your hairdresser about Colour with Care and how you can give back.

Changing the world one colour at a time.

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