FAME team 2019 packs their bags

The great FAME adventure begins for 4 talents

This year marks La Biosthetique’s 5th year as sponsors of the FAME Team and as usual, with every new set of four talents selected annually, the doors of opportunity open wide for their careers.

FAME is an annual competition drawing up-and-coming hairdressing talents from across Australia and offering them a once in a lifetime access to top hair names and industry experiences.  Put on by The Journal magazine, and a regular highlight of the AHFA’s, this award and yearlong sponsorship is important in supporting the rising talent in our industry.

And while dozens of stylists compete annually in a mix of photographic, biographic, and hands on work in a Master Chef for hair type of setting, only four emerge to grasp the coveted spots.

It was our delight this week to host the annual Soiree at La Biosthetique academie to the newest four talents:

As part of the FAME team schedule for the year the team has a bumper crop of excitement.  From Salon International in London to La Biosthetique headquarters in Paris and a surprise announcement of a trip to Rome to visit Great Lengths ( another sponsor) they will be puddle jumping through Europe.

If you are interested in competing for FAME please check out the rules and fine print here.



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