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Your Salon Website Might Need to Change

As of July 1, your website needs to be secure or Google will spank you.


God help me because this is probably the most boring article I’ve ever had to write, but hear me out.

As of July 1, Google Chrome and Safari are forcing all websites to become secure.  If, after July 1, your website is not secure, it’s likely that both Chrome and Safari will penalise you where it hurts, like:

  • Making your salon website lose your ranking and pushing you to the bottom of the pile. (Think of all your competitors who will be rising to the top, NO!!!!!)
  • It will have an ugly description in the URL bar saying ” This site is not secure” ( I’m already seeing this happen, take note when online and you’ll see it)
  • They may in fact, even send people to a placeholder page when they try to click through to your site.  This ugly page will say something like, “The site you are about visit is not secure… blah blah blah.”

Really annoying right?  That’s okay, we’ve got a solution.  Here’s what you need to do to get your salon out of the dark.

  1. Find out if your site is secure.  If you see “http://” preceding your site, it’s not secure.  If your site is preceded by “https://”  it’s a secure site.
  2. If you’re site isn’t secure you need to purchase what is called an “SSL Certificate” and then get it implemented on your website.
  3. These two things are best handled by a web developer who’ll need just a little information from you ( like your cpanel logins, if you don’t know this contact your website host now. )
  4. The developer will purchase the yearlong license for the SSL certificate, instal it on your site and you’ll be good for a year.
  5. Annoyingly, you’ll need to do it again next year, but the bright side you’ll be back in God’s Google’s good books

I’ve just done it on a site and the job cost me about $230 for the purchase and implementation.  If you don’t know who to get to do this mundane task, but I’ve scared you enough to know you need to get it done, just contact me at and I can give you the name of a developer if you need one.

Computer says noooooooooo!



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