Colour Expert Class of 2018

5 new experts join the prestigious groups

The pinnacle of prestige learning, Colour Expert is La Biosthetique’s most intensive, invitation only course for gifted and talented colourists in its third year, Colour Expert syllabus remains both a rigorous and rewarding top tier program spanning four days of unparalleled training.

Exposure through this selective program awards each Expert acclaim in all press briefings, special recognition at the annual soiree, and one-of a kind opportunities such as product trials and expert only education.

Day 1

The 5 participants of the Color Expert Class 2018 were welcomed in our Salon located in Waterloo and give their opening presentations.

We were glad to receive :

Athena Riccio of Total Look Hair & Beauty

Shara Norton of Total Look Hair & Beauty

,Karen Phengkhamhack of HEAD OVER HEELS

Rachel Espley of Vogue National

Clare Dwyer of Murphy Gozzard

Day 2 

Special guest chemist and La Biosthetique partner,  Dr Graeme Haley, speaks with the experts about the haircare, including ingredients, facts and myths in haircare and how products are created.

The afternoon is spent completing colour correction. With surprise guests, our top colourists were put to the challenge of overhaul colour correction jobs.

Work From Shara Norton

Work from Athena Riccio

Work from Rachel Espley

Day 3 

A journey at the Art Gallery of New South Wales to see an inspirational exhibition for a colorful new vision

Day 4 

The participants got their hands on the new Colour & Gloss Colour system by La Biothetique.

With amazing results, all five Experts passed the exam with flying colours.


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