Tigerlily X La Biosthetique Go Boho Chic

A perfect a pairing of resort fashion and summer beauty

More than 100 international influencers were present for the launch of the Tigerlily’s new collection to which La Biosthetique added the beauty touch with make-up and hairstyles.

The hair team, led by Maria Ardino of Ardino salon, created the perfect summer experience to the crowd of fashion aficionado in a private mansion in Belllevue Hill. Tigerlily’s latest collection was a return to natural, easy beauty perfectly suited to be complimented by LA Biosthetique’s  make-up and hairstyles.

Natural make-up for summer 

We opted for nude make-up to reveal the shimmering beauty of summer. For this look, there’s nothing better than the Extreme Stay Foundation for a natural and golden skin complexion. This make-up and swimming suit are ideal for a perfect look at the beach!

The sensuous scent of summer

The Summer Collection of Tigerlily goes hand in hand with healthy, vibrant hair. We always think of protecting our skin against the sun but what about our hair? For that, we need a sun protection to keep our locks fade-free and shiny.

For beautiful hair during summer the must have product is Soleil Vitalité Express. It can be used as protective, preventative or post-treatment and will give your hair the sensuous summer scent you want.


Instant Volume

The trend is now in effortless, casual and undone hairstyle. To obtain this look, we have the ideal product for you: Powder Spray! With each and every influencer this was our go to product.  By working in the spray while shakign the bottle we got instant lift and XXL volume.

Behind the scenes…


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