Summer Lookbook

Modern Beauty

Trend Spring Summer 2020 make up

This summer anything goes, it’s time to feel completely free.

It’s about colour, expression and emotion. Your face as a canvas and yourself as an avant – garde painter : You don’t want to hold back any more. You want to be loud and proud about your feelings and who you are. With powerful, fresh colour combinations ; with modern, exotic accents. It is our goal to strengthen you in your desire for colour and self–expression. With the new Make-up Collection of La Biosthétique !

These are the make-up looks of the season :

Look 1 „Fresh Orange“


New Make-up: Eyeshadow Pen Brown Cinnamon | Tender Blush Soft Orange Color Care Hot Mandarin | Brilliant Nail Pebble Stone

Look 2 „Exotic Pink”

Look 3 „Modern Blue“

New Make-up: Eye Performer True Night Blue | Perfect Volume Blue | Sensual Lipstick Brilliant B234 | Brilliant Nail Smoothie Pink

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