3D Colour with Kitty Colourist

In her most advanced creative colour class yet, Kitty combines the highlighting and freehand work of 2019 with lowlighting to add dimension and depth. Moving away from the simple techniques of painted balayage, this course will teach you strategic use of high and low lighting to add the illusion of volume and create the ultimate lived-in blonde.

  • Blend freehand techniques with new tonalities for a deeper colour illusion.
  • Work hands on with the new Blonde Powder Plus to push your blondes lighter and faster.
  • Learn to confidently employ a series of colour application techniques together to create 3d colour.

Type Workshop
Level Apprentice/Senior
Time 10am to 5pm models to arrive at 1:00pm
Cost $320 includes lunch and goodie bag, $80 mannequin head additional