Blonde Chromatic

The Ultimate Blonde Collection with Rebecca Fuchs

2018 showed us that blonde is an ocean of tones. From brushed-on-bright, to golden dirty, to the all café au lait beige, the terms and tones keep coming! In this blonde course, gain insight into the different tonalities across the spectrum of blonde. Deftly select and mix tones for an array of variations and meet the demands of your most perfectionist clientele – your blondes of course.

  • Perfect the art of scalp bleaching
  • Gain insight on the formulas behind the most difficult blonde tones
  • Push your blondes for effects of gentle ombres, duo-tones, and the lived-in looks
  • Learn ways to introduce the trend of light golds and strawberry warmth trending in 2019
  • Push La Biosthetique BLONDE system to the max and have a play with the Colour & Gloss demi-permanent

Type Workshop
Level Apprentice/Senior
Time 10am to 5pm models to arrive at 12.30
Cost $230 includes lunch