When our client asks for a complete colour change how do you approach it? Where do you start and how will your get the result you envision? In this advanced colour course, Alex will show you have to Marie Condo your client- by first cleaning out their colour and then outfitting them with a brand new look. In this class you will get your hands on the new Colour Convert to properly remove unwanted colour.

  • Learn how to properly analyse and breakdown your client’s colour and layout step-by-step your approach to their change in colour
  • Learn how to remove colour with colour Convert
  • Deftly approach correction scenarios from patchy colour to banding.
  • Get in -depth with difficult colours to remove and tricks to aid their removal.
  • Learn how to Apply colour for a new look that is clean, delivering the results you want.

Type Workshop
Level Apprentice/Senior
Time 10am to 5pm models to arrive at 12.30 pm
Cost $250 includes lunch and a goodie bag