Educators & Guest Artists

Nathan Cherrington

As the men’s market continues to grow our male clientele are making a return to the salon with expectations of a skilled haircut. At the forefront of men’s trends and a noted hairdresser in the world of creative cutting and styling, Nathan Cherrington can only be the one at the helm for leading the direction of men’s styling this year. Join Nathan and learn to create commercial men’s looks with a creative skilled eye and hand.

Brett Albury

Known for his ability to break down creative colour and apply rationale and systems to creativity, Brett is always pushing colour’s boundaries in his salon and his class. This year, as colour continues to develop in advanced techniques and formulations, Brett will blaze the way to the horizon of colour trends for 2021.

Kitty Colourist

With an extensive amount of experience in hand painting and balayage work, Kitty is ever evolving in the world of bespoke colour. Her simple way of explaining complex techniques and step-by-step approach to advanced freehand perfectly compliment her ability to incorporate the very latest colour trends from her salon into her classroom setting.

Bec Wyatt & Amy Clark

The Mister Morris salon has built its business on social media and behind the curtain of Instagram, making those perfect hair shots look effortless, are Bec and Amy. Having emerged as clear leaders in social media styling, Bec and Amy deliver education with a natural approach, sharing their expertise in a fun environment. Don’t be surprised if your class finds itself woven into dozens of Instagram-able moments.

Alexander Fuchs

Each and every day Alex faces complex colour clients in his salon and, to be honest, we kind of think he digs the challenge. With a brain for science, his love of teaching, and his penchant for difficult colour situations, it’s only natural that his class tackles the very toughest scenarios with his students who equally love a challenge.

Rebecca Fuchs

If Rebecca’s salon column was colour coded, it would be every shade of blonde. With notable media and celebrities putting their flaxen tresses in Rebecca’s hands , there’s no doubt she spins gold. In her blonde course you’ll see the blonde trends, learn to create them, and bring them back to your salon.

Thomas Fuchs

With years of experience in running multiple successful salon businesses, Thomas Fuchs has developed systems and benchmarks specifically to drive profitable salon businesses. From his funny sense of humour, to his absolute frank ability to get to the heart of the business matter, Thomas’ salon business consulting is a roll-up-your-sleeves and put it out on the table approach. See Business consulting to learn more.

Bridget Page

From her education at Pivot Point to her years of educator experience with La Biosthétique, Bridget’s track record is marked by delivering exceptional, best-in-show training throughout Australia.

Jade Fenton

With a decade of experience in running a salon blended with 3 years of education training, Jade offers a unique yet practical approach to successful education.