Hair Therapy

Active Listening & Ace Consultations with Bridget Page

What people say and what they want are often two different things and to crack the code you need to hone your psychology skills!
Through techniques on active listening, clever questions that draw informative answers, and a therapist’s nous for aligning concerns with solutions, you will consult, prescribe – and ultimately -care for your client holistically. The result? Trusting and returning clientele, stronger retail sales, and more meaning to what you do!

  • Learn techniques from body language to speaking patterns that will help you gauge your client’s headspace and desires
  • Collect a bevy of simple questions that will illicit information that will help you understand what they want
  • Learn to navigate and persuade your client for the look and regime that will benefit them
  • Consult for face shape, features, skin tone
  • Take the fear out of retail and talking price by approaching clients with a ‘what’s best for them attitude’
  • Consult for results; become the best hair therapist around

Type Theory
Level For everyone, first year to owner
Time 10am to 4pm
Cost $90 including lunch and product goodie bag