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Colour Lab

In our second annual Colour Lab competition we are calling all colourists to join in and give us their winning


Color & Gloss is suitable for everyone who loves their hair colour, and wants to gently give this love even

Colour Expert Class of 2018

The pinnacle of prestige learning, Colour Expert is La Biosthetique's most intensive, invitation only course for gifted and talented colourists
New Releases

All eyes on you.

The eye area is the most delicate skin on the body and is easily effected by signs of ageing and

Color and Gloss

Natural, shiny, conditioning: The gentle method to create intense colour and radiant shine with the innovative demi-permanent tinting gel Color

Beauté: the range of best sellers

This range combines La Biosthetique’s Hair care bestsellers, designed to instantly balance out even slight structural damage. In return this

A new visarome is hitting

A new aromatherapy coming your way A lack of energy and slow metabolism results in hair that has no resilience

The New Benchmark

If you had a wish list for your lightener would it look something like this? A lightening system that produced
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