Trichology 101

Hair & Scalp For Scientists with Alexander Fuchs

All tools can be powerful, but only if you know how to use them. Steeped in 70 years of bio-chemistry every drop of each product in our hair and scalp ranges is built to make life-changing improvements for our clients, but you need to know how to wield these apothecary weapons.
Understand hair and scalp issues, learn the power of ingredients and how they work, and prescribe tailored care to give your clients real and lasting improvements.

  • Get to the ‘why’ of the most common concerns facing our clients from breakage to hair loss, alopecia to dermatitis
  • Read the labels on the bottles and truly understand what ingredients are in them and how they benefit hair and scalp quality
  • Care for your client as a patient and prescribe with a goal in mind.
  • Understand the ethos and mission of La Biosthetique hair and scalp care to offer real and measurable healing results to hair and scalp

Type Theory
Level Everyone For those who have a strong understanding on hair and scalp conditions or have attended essential hair and scalp workshops. Any level, top salon retailer and salon owners.
Time 10am to 4pm
Cost $130 including lunch and goodie bag