From the creamiest blondes to the most sultry brunettes La Biosthetique colour stands above, delivering perfect stay-fast colour alongside signature care and protection. Demand the best in colour vibrancy, expect the softest, shiniest results.

Unparalleled coverage

Reflective shine

Lasting colour


Do you know what is in your colour?

La Biosthetique colour care is full of natural ingredients that are chosen for their bio-mimetic qualities, meaning they mimic our own bio-chemistry. Our hair and skin harmonise with natural properties in organic ingredients for healthy, nourished beauty. Gentle on sensitive scalps and nourishing to hair, our formulations of concentrated natural ingredients provide irritation-free colour care. Science meets nature, for the most beautiful, natural results.


Japanese Pepper Berry

Moisture binding

Aloe Vera

Shine & protection

Coconut oil

Extreme durability & coverage

Ultra-fine micro molecules shaped like slim pointed discs penetrate deep into the cortex of the hair and flood the hair shaft with colour pigment. Because of their size and shape, these hyper-pigment molecules lodge themselves into the cortex, anchoring deep. Their unique size and shape allow them to fill the hair shaft with high density colour, giving you unparalleled coverage and durability.