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Conditionneur Douceur

  • The shower-time hero.
Conditionneur Douceur leaves hair soft & silky with its full power natural conditioning ingredients.
  • - Damaged, straggly hair is immediately nourished & softened, dull hair be gone!
  • - Porous hair is cared for & sealed in a flash with highly concentrated avocado oil extracts
  • - Gives your hair a envy-worthy natural bounce.


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Sooth itchy, aching and sensitive scalps with this gentle spray.
  • - Relaxing lavender and camomile cares for sensitive scalps
  • - Cradle cap on babies scalp is gently cleared up and knots in fine hair are lastingly smoothed.
  • - Thanks to the natural repellents in Babybios, a daily mist into Children’s hair is also a preventative to head lice.


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Powder Spray

Found in every top stylists kit, Powder Spray is the go to for slow-start morning styling!

  • - Creates impressive volume & texture-filled, matte look without any stickiness.
  • - Shake, spritz & go! Once shaken, natural modified starch is activated giving you that all-day staying power.
  • - The secret rapid refresher between hair washes. Matte, volumizing & lightly perfumed.


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Hydrating Spa Fluid

  • THE Hair Primer
The results are in… Hydrating Spa Fluid is not only a favourite to look after long luscious locks but it’s scientifically proven to do so!
  • - Proven 41% more softness to your hair - the magic formula for brilliant long hair.
  • - Boasts up to 45% more shine thanks to a composition of Sacha inchi nut and Argan oil.
  • - The source of instant repair & strong protection from the elements that long hair craves.


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Vitalité Express

  • Beach day? Suncream. Check! Vitalité Express. Check!
The summer sun essential, the ultimate UV & harsh water protection for hair!
  • - Prevents the hair from dying out and protects against the negative effects of UV sunlight, and both chlorinated and salt water.
  • - Bonds directly with hair structure to take effect immediately after spritzing!
  • - Gives the hair resilience and shine.


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Patch Gel Liftant

  • The backstage top secret you now know about.
These instant hydration patches for the eyes give tight & wide awake skin that’s ready for crease-free make-up application!
  • - This express treatment relieves tired, red, swollen and creased eyes with a long 24-hour lasting effect.
  • - The eye-area is deeply moisturised and wrinkle depth is immediately reduced after a 15 minute treatment.
  • - Noticeable firming of the connective tissue due to stimulation of the collagen synthesis.
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La Capsule Hydratante

Just one La Capsule Hydrante a day to keep the dry skin at bay!
  • - Flood your skin with the burst of deep moisture that your skin craves, and all concentrated into a petite bullet.
  • - Dermatologist tested & proven to increase skin’s moisture up to 78% just two hours after the application of La Capsule Hydrante.
  • - Filled with highly effective hyaluroinic acids and cell-active hydro boosters La Capsule Hydrante noticeably tightens skin, reduces fine lines and plumps the skin from within.


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