We show you how: the new Contouring Powder magically makes you look younger, gives you firmer contours and expressive facial features. The Contouring Powder is made up of three shades: a matte brown, a delicately shimmering highlighter and a natural apricot rose blusher as a finish. The silky soft, ultra-fine texture ensures that the powder is easy to apply. It enhances the skin instead of weighing it down.

If you are looking for a big change, focus on strong contrasts. For slight modelling, you only need to create delicate accents. Start by applying a little less powder with a light brush application. After a little practice, you will develop a knack for how much to emphasise your contours. Make sure that the lines you draw are softer towards the edges. Because if the contours are too angular, the face will look too made-up and unnatural. An airy make-up sponge or a wide foundation brush can help to create a soft transition between the light and dark contrasts. Dab on the product with the sponge and make light circling motions with the brush.

But before we begin the contouring, the skin should be properly prepared. With the tinted day care Hydro-Actif Traitement Teint the skin is not only supplied with sufficient moisture for the whole day. The natural balancing pigments balance out minor unevenness and result in a flawless complexion.

To give the face the necessary depth, we start with the matte brown shade. Use the enclosed double-sided Contouring Powder brush to apply a little colour to the sides of the nose, the top of the forehead (including the temples) and below the cheekbones, i.e. the areas you do not want to emphasise. The latter is particularly recommended for women with a rather round or oval face shape. A contoured chin makes the face look narrower.

Subsequently, we use the Highlighter to apply product to the areas of the face that should be emphasised. To ensure the cheekbones are particularly emphasised later on, Highlighter should be applied above the cheekbone and dabbed on up to the area under the eyes. Apply the brush above the ear and stroke diagonally downwards. If you are not quite sure if you have found the right place, simply use an old trick: briefly suck your cheeks in and apply the powder lengthwise to the most angular area. Then apply some Highlighter to the back of the nose and between the eyes and lightly draw upwards to the forehead. Be a little more courageous if your forehead is a little higher. Some Highlighter in the corners of the mouth gives you a particularly radiant appearance as the corners of the mouth will soon cast shadows. Finally, apply a little to the middle of the chin.

Finish by applying powder blusher to provide youthful radiance. Its softness matches every skin type. For soft apple cheeks apply in circling motions to the most striking part of your cheekbones, for more emphasis of the contours stroke diagonally down again from the highest point of the ear to the corner of the mouth.

The Contouring Powder not only gives you your desired face shape, but also supplies your skin with Vitamin E that protects against free radicals.

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The contouring powder tightens the facial contours and rejuvenates the features.


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Delivery Time 1-5 working days

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