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Show your tootsies ...

If feet could celebrate, they'd be singing in unison on the streets: finally, fresh air again! In open-toed shoes where the toes can stretch out. Stuffed into boots for many months, stressed by dry heating air ... now your feet deserve that extra level of care.

Our feet carry us through our whole life and are always at our service. They do so much and have definitely earned a bit more pampering. This doesn't have to be time-consuming. You just have to remember to do it. We will show you how lovely they can look. With a spring treatment and a sexy nail polish.

Step 1: a scented foot bath with invigorating herbal essences. Wonderfully refreshing: Visarôme Atone with mint and rosemary, geranium and wild thyme.

Step 2: a scrub that makes the skin velvety soft. The oil scrub Manicare with Himalayan sea salt is suitable for both hands and feet.

Step 3: Remove surplus rough skin. But don’t be too radical. It’s always better to rub it off after a shower.

Step 4: A massage with the scented Crème Intense pour les Pieds makes the skin wonderfully soft and prevents rough skin.

Step 5: Pedicure with a wonderful polish to finish the look. A real eyecatcher for tanned skin: Brilliant Nail Azalea or Brilliant Nail Coral Reef.

So haben Sie mit nur 5 Pflege-Schritten traumhaft gepflegte und geschmeidige Füße, die sich in offenen Schuhen sehen lassen können.

1. Visarôme Atone

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Quick Overview

The revitalising aromatherapy concentrate Visarôme Atone regenerates the skin with essential oils and results in an unforgettable feeling of freshness.


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Delivery Time 1-5 working days

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