Collection Autumn–Winter 2016/17

The Portraits of Total Beauty

Show your character, let it shine, give your beauty a face. Pure character looks!

That’s me. The one sentence you utter with all that you’ve got every time you enter a room, step on to a stage or enter into someone’s life: I am all this. I am similar to some people in certain ways. And completely different from many people in others. But ultimately I am only one thing: myself. Unique. Special. Beautiful.

Character is defined by what drives us to act and it is the most beautiful component of our being. It is ageless. It doesn’t belong to any target group. You decide yourself who you want to be.

Alexander Dinter, International Creative Director:

"This collection stands out due to its extravagant diversity of looks, hair textures and styles — exactly like our life."


Autum – Winter Looks

"Emphasising the attributes of every woman is about emphasising her individuality – simple and intense because strong characters simply need strong colours."

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Making-of Collection Autumn–Winter 2016/17

Make-up Collection Looks Autumn–Winter 2016/17: