Collection Spring–Summer 2017

The Portraits of Total Beauty II

« A collection as different and outstanding as its actors and their characters. Strong, variable  completely defined by their natural beauty. »

Alexander Dinter 

International Creative Director

I am me. I am a thousand faces. I am a million thoughts. I am unique. And I am beautiful. Beauty knows no norms. It is not a state you attain, but a life that you live. It is in each and every one of us. In everyone different, in everyone unique.

Beauty knows no template. Life follows no norms. We create it by being and doing. Our laughter. Our ideas. Our life. Every person for themselves, and everyone for each other.

The La Biosthétique Collection is celebrating beauty. In everyone. In everyone differently. It celebrates uniqueness. Life. Together.

That is The Culture Of Total Beauty.

Collection Spring–Summer 2017

The Portraits of Total Beauty II

Alessio Possi

Key Player

Masculine. Sporty. Cool: Slim and defined at the sides and nape of the neck. Classic barbering with a modern interpretation.

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Kris Gottschalk

Short Version

Inspired by the 90s, a statement for today: A shortcropped look with a soft fringe, monochromatic blonde with dark roots. Cut  and action !

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Make-up Collection Spring–Summer 2017:

« Beauty is individual and new every day  And our looks are too. »


La Biosthetique Paris

Collection Spring–Summer 2017