"She's a lady"

She aspires to be free, strong and confident. The La Biosthétique Collection celebrates this beauty. A beauty that empowers women. Every day.
Be inspired! Always different. Always new.

Discover the looks of the Spring/Summer 2018-2019 and learn the looks in a video tutorial with International make-up artist Steffen Zoll:

Collection Looks Spring–Summer 2018

Making-of Collection Spring–Summer 2018

A lavish collection like "she's a lady" is the joint work of an entire team. Get to know two of these people and their Paris tips, and gain exclusive insights into the making of SS2018.

This season, a stylish Parisian apartment is the ideal location for the Spring-Summer 2018 collection "she's a lady". Admire strong, feminine looks, inspired by bygone days with an uncompromisingly modern and contemporary interpretation. Wonderful proof of the eternal relevance of famous Parisian chic.

Paris c'est moi - the home town of La Biosthétique was once again the setting for our collection shoot. We asked a few creative minds when it comes to hairstyling and make-up about their connection to the city of beauty:

Alexander Dinter, Creative Director

What connects you to Paris?
The savoir vivre! Paris is a prime example of this.

Your personal highlight?
A walk in Jardin du Luxembourg.

The place to be in Paris?

The recently opened Yves Saint Laurent Museum.

Your cultural hot tip?

The Picasso Museum.

Your culinary hot tip?

The "Vin des Pyrénées" in the Marais district is a little bistro with long-standing tradition and history.

Steffen Zoll, International Make-up Artist

What connects you to Paris?
Eight years of my life.

Your personal highlight?
Working together with Yves Saint Laurent.

The place to be in Paris?
On the streets of Paris.

Your cultural hot tip?
Open your eyes! In Paris there's a hot tip on every street corner.

Your culinary hot tip?
Hot chocolate at "Angelina" in Rue de Rivoli.

New Make-up Collection Spring–Summer 2018

1. Magic Shadow Duo Dusty Rose & Maroon

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This powder eyeshadow gives the eye a long-lasting, silky matte shine.


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