She is — wonderful, miraculous and enchanting.
She is — mysterious, seductive and sophisticated.
She is — demanding, watchful and sometimes
even a little dangerous.
She is — the face of the new La Biosthétique Make – up Collection.

These are the make-up looks of the season:

Look 1 „Pink Salmon“

Look 2 „Ocean Bay"

Look 3 „Poppy Purple“

How to be “Pink Salmon”

To the tutorial

How to be “Ocean Bay”

To the tutorial

How to be “Poppy Purple”

To the tutorial

Get the new colors of the Collection Spring-Summer 2020

1. Teint Naturel 05 Sunny

SKU# 021633

Quick Overview

The silky anti-aging make-up melts into the skin and magically gives you a flawless complexion that is as smooth as that of Snow White.


Delivery Time 1-5 working days

price per 100 ml: $300.00 Incl. 10% GST, excl. Shipping Cost

Delivery Time 1-5 working days

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