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Lotion Apaisante

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Scalp lotion that eradicates up to 100% of dandruff. Calms itchiness and irritations.
- Stops the cycle of dandruff by targeting dandruff causing microbes
- Gentle on sensitive scalps
- Five second application makes it easy to use.


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Delivery Time 1-5 working days

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Dandruff as an active symptom is annoying enough, but often dandruff becomes a chronic problem and occurs repeatedly or lastingly. Mostly, the sufferer is not just dealing with dandruff because generally such scalps are naturally predisposed to being highly sensitive or they become hyperirritated as a result of the permanent or recurring dandruff. Mental stress from within, as well as external stimuli due to unfavourable treatments and environmental factors, are often the culprits or they may even worsen the condition. The anti-dandruff therapy Lotion Apaisante calms the overreactive nerves of the sensitive scalp. The overreactive scalp is lastingly normalised. It becomes more resistant to stress factors that promote dandruff. An active anti-dandruff complex and anti-inflammatory plant extracts such as mimosa and horse chestnut gently, rapidly and lastingly restore the scalp’s natural balance. Dandruff-triggering microbes are reduced, feelings of tightness, itchiness and irritations are alleviated, the impaired hornification process is normalised. The risk of hair loss is no longer an issue. Thanks to Lotion Apaisante, the hair’s vitality and healthy growth are restored. The anti-dandruff therapy Dermosthétique Anti-Pelliculaire has an impressive triple effect: 1. 100% eradication of visible dandruff after just one application 2. Lasting normalisation of the impaired, overreactive hornification process 3. Even hypersensitive scalps are lastingly calmed The high efficacy and the particularly high tolerance are clinically documented.

Scalp lotion that eradicates up to 100% of dandruff. Calms itchiness and irritations.
- Stops the cycle of dandruff by targeting dandruff causing microbes
- Gentle on sensitive scalps
- Five second application makes it easy to use.

  • Zinc pyrithione and Complexe Pellicules: reduces the dandruff-triggering microbes and boosts the formation and maturation of healthy keratin cells
  • Active ingredient complex of pepper fruits, Inga Alba bark and mimosa: revitalises and stabilises the scalp and actively prevents the formation of new dandruff
  • Extracts of liquorice and oat active ingredients: calm the scalp
  • A new kind of tetrapeptide: reduces the risk of inflammations, calms the stressed scalp and increases the scalp’s resistance
  • Horse chestnut and liquorice: soothe inflammation and encourage rapid healing
  • Panthenol: calms the scalp
  • Caffeine: strengthens the hair roots and improves the scalp circulation
  • Allantoin: protects the cells, smoothens the hair structure and is highly moisturising

After washing, ideally with Shampooing Apaisant, apply approx. 5 ml of Lotion Apaisante along the parting of the scalp and gently massage in. Do not rinse – Leave-in product.

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4 Customer Reviews for Lotion Apaisante

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The embarrassment is over!
Review by Martina F
Okay... I've had embarrassing dandruff since I was a teen. I've tried everything under the sun: zinc, tar solutions, T Gel, you name it- I've done it. All I found was that I would get rid of the dandruff temporarily ( and in some cases strip my hair colour too- UGH). Then if I was stressed, or it was winter, the dandruff would just come back.
I finally went to my dermatologist and she told me about this lotion and I am so happy. I do find that in order to keep recurring dandruff at bay I have to use it religiously every time after I shower, but it only takes about 15 seconds so it's no big deal. Since I've gotten into the habit I have not seen one flake. It's honestly changed my life!
* just in case you're confused- they call it a lotion, but it's actually like water. You just dribble it on your head after the shower and that's all. job done!
Review by Ken
Super easy to use, absolutely stopped my dandruff. 100% recommend this.
Finally relief from dandruff
Review by Seamus
Would not waste my time on reviews unless it's was absolutely amazeballs. So here's your review, La Bio-whatever-your-name-is. this stuff is crazy good.

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